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Complete Graphic Design Masterclass

Learn from basic to advance level of Graphic Designing

Complete Graphic Design Course
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• Course Guide

• Introduction to Graphic Design

• Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Graphic Designer

• Color Theory in Design

• Seeing the World through Color

• Color Mixing and Systems

• Color for Digital and Print Media

• Color Selections and Methods

• Color Harmonies and Meanings

• Create a Mood Board with Canva

• Selecting Color for a New Design

• Create a Duotone Effect with Photoshop

• Typography in Design

• Type Anatomy

• Type Styles – Serif Fonts

• Type Styles – Sans-Serif Fonts

• Kerning and Spacing

• Type Hierarchy

• Font Pairing

• Font Pairing Practice

• Font Pairing Practice – Long Headlines

• Font Pairing Practice – Different Styles

• Photography in Design

• The Basics of Photography

• Composition and Layout

• Typography and Photography

• Color Theory in Photography

• Where to Find Images

• Resource: Where to Find Images

• How to Cut Out a Subject from a Photo

• How to Create an Advertisement in Canva

• Layout and Design

• Effective Layout

• Grids and Blocking

• A Detailed Study of Grids in Layout Design

• Design Theme

• Editorial Spread Design – Part 1

• Editorial Spread Design – Part 2

• UX Design

• The Characteristics of Strong Logo Designs

• Clever Logo Inspirations

• The Entire Brand

• The Ideation Process: Sketching Out Ideas – Part 1

• The Ideation Process: Sketching Out Ideas – Part 2

• The Ideation Process: Sketching Out Ideas – Part 3

• Organic Vibes

• Typography Trends

• Gold

• Gradient and Color Transitions


• Introduction to Photoshop In-Depth Tool Course 

• How to Get Adobe Photoshop

• Keyboard Shortcuts and Some Quick Shortcut Practice

• Printable Handout: Common Keyboard Shortcuts

• Download Course Support Files

• Creative Cloud and Mac vs. PC

• A Quick Note on Constrain Proportions Update

• The Move Tool

• Lasso Tool and Polygonal Lasso Tool

• The Magnetic Lasso Tool

• The Marquee Selection Tools

• The Quick Selection Tool

• The Magic Wand Tool

• Color Range Selection

• Pen Tool Selections

• Quick Mask Selections

• Grow and Similar Commands

• Modify Selections

• Select and Mask Technique – Part 1

• Select and Mask Technique – Part 2

• Refine Edge

• Object Selection Tool

• The Crop Tool

• The Perspective Crop Tool

• The Slice Tool

• The Eyedropper Tool and Color Sampler Tool

• The Ruler, Note, and Count Tools

• The Healing Brush Tool and Spot Healing Brush Tool 

• The Patch Tool

• The Content-Aware Move Tool

• The Red Eye Tool

• The Brush Tool

• The Pensil Tool

• The Color Replacement Tool

• The Mixer Brush Tool 

• The Clone Stamp Tool 

• The Pattern Stamp Tool

• The History Brush Tools and Panel

• The Eraser, Magic Eraser, and Background Eraser Tools

• A Quick Update About Gradient Libraries

• The Gradient Tool Part 1

• The Gradient Tool Part 2

• The Paint Bucket Tool

• The Blur, Sharpen, and Smudge Tools

• The Burn Tool and Dodge Tool

• The Sponge Tool

• The Pen Tools

• The Type Tools

• The Shape Tools

• The Hand Tools and Zoom Tools


• Introduction | Downloadable Files

• Content Aware

• Content Aware and Perspective Warp

• More Challenging Object Removal Projects

• Building a Photo Composite

• Highlight and Shadow Theory

• Coffee Cup Shadow

• Flower Shadow

• Playing with different types of shadows

• Casting Shadows from a Phone

• Project Setup

• Layout and Blocking

• Adding Text Effects – Flames and Water

• Photo Editing for Food Photos

• Exporting both Digital and Print – RGB and CMYK Conversion

• Characteristics of Solid Logo Designs

• Sketching Out Our Branding Ideas – Pizza Math Logo

• Sketching Our Ideas – TIME logo

• Sketching Out Typography – Coffee Bar Logo

• The Brainstorming and Sketching Process

• Vectorizing Assets

• Manually Adjusting Type

• Details and Typography

• Picking Your Final Concept

• Grid Work

• Picking Our Colors

• Adding Details and Extras

• Exporting Our Files

• The Guide to The Logo Presentation Template

• The Pen Tools

• The Type Tools

• What is the Golden Ratio?

• Golden Ratio Practice

• Golden Ratio Practice – Part 2

• The Golden Ratio Practice Lesson – The Letter M – Part 1

• Getting Started

• The Template Setup

• First Slide

• Second Slide

• Third Slide

• Go Bold

• Tell Stories

• Call to Action

• Uploading and Student Challenge

• Introduction to Isometric Grids

• Isometric Grid Project

• Creating Our 3D Layers

• Layout and Effects

• Creating Shadows

• Isometric Typography

• Using People

• Editorial Spread – setup

• Working with Photos

• Inside Spread

• The Front Cover Layout

• Working in our article titles

• Exporting and Print Prep

• Introduction to Portfolio Building Template

• Infographic Design Theory

• Infographic Project – Blocking and Layout

• Simple Pie Chart Project

• Project: Using Icons

• Project: Showing Scale

• Project: Creating a Complex Pie Chart – Part 1

• Project: Creating a Complex Pie Chart – Part 2

• Project: Creating a Custom line Graph

• Project: Creating a Custom Line Graph – Part 2

• Getting Started

• Patterns

• Finding the Right Fonts

• Sourcing and Finding Our Photos

• Photoshop Mock-up

• Photoshop Mock-up – part 2

• Exporting and Preparing Our Designs For Professional Printing

• Using Paid and Free Fonts

• Using Paid and Free Photos

• Using Graphic Resources

• Creating Our Base Ad

• Sizing Guide

• Facebook Sizes

• Instagram Sizes

• Instagram Story

• Exporting Files

• Let’s Get Started

• Colors and Shadows

• Textures

• Creating Different Versions

• Spelling!

• Photoshop Advanced Editing

• Building Strong Portfolios

• PDF Portfolios – Gathering Resources

• PDF Page Layouts

• PDF Portfolio – Project Pages

• PDF Portfolio – The Cover Photo

• PDF Portfolio – The Bio Page

• Online Website – Portfolio

• Using Adobe Portfolio Builder

• Adobe Portfolio – part 2

• Behance Portfolio

• WordPress Portfolio

• What is Passive and Active income?

• Building Your Content Library

• Selling Resources

• Final Thoughts

• Value Pricing

• How much can we charge

• How to Pitch higher Pricing


• Creating Badges ans Seals – Part 1

• Creating Badges and Seals – Part 2

• Creating Badges and Seals – Part 3

• Logo Design for Our Package Design Project

• Getting Started

• Photoshop Photo Editing

• Photoshop Photo Editing Final

• Setup in Adobe Illustrator

• Layout and Design

• Finishing Up Our Design

• Using Adobe Dimensions to create a 3D Mockup

• The Backside Design

• Creating our Concept – Studying Strong Example

• Cover Idea

• Photo Editing

• Learning Non-destructive Editing

• Spine, Bleed and Exporting

• Exporting Final

• What makes a good YouTube Thumbnail?

• Finishing Up Our Graphic – Layering masks and more

• Getting Started

• Creating Highlights and Shadows

• Exporting

• Editorial Spread Setup

• Working with Photos

• Inside Spread Final

• Magazine Front Cover

• Front Cover Articles

• Exporting and Print Prep

• Getting Started – The Logo

• Logo Design – Colors

• Logo Design Final

• Color Matching – CMYK and RGB

• The Poster Concept

• Editing Images

• The Lanyards

• Creating a Theme and Design System

• Client Presentation

• File Prep

• The Postcard

• The Postcard Cont.

• Large Welcome Banner

• Large Welcome Banner cont.

• Facebook Graphics and Ads

• Facebook Graphics and Ads cont.

• Powerpoint Slides

• Display Ads

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